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TV Show

Tony Buzbee


World famous attorney Tony Buzbee ventures throughout the city of Houston exploring its diverse restaurant scene. Uncovering not only unique dishes & flavors but also the stories behind the establishments.

About The Show


Tony Buzbee answered questions about the show.

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Tony Buzbee, Why you are doing the Show?

Tony Buzbee, Where will the show air?

Tony Buzbee, Why a food show?

Tony Buzbee, How do you choose the restaurants?

Tony Buzbee, How do you choose the people on your show?

Tony Buzbee, Why is the show named Uninvited ?

Tony Buzbee Uninvited


My Mission

is not only to understand the food, but to understand its origins. I want to know about the people that prepare our food, where they come from, what they care about, and what makes them tic. I love food, and I love people that care enough about food to want to prepare it for others. I hope you enjoy the show.